September 21, 2021

Mannson Freight launch new website and company branding

We have had great assistance from the team at Phunk Creative lead by Joe Murray and can’t thank them enough for their patience and tireless work ethic, it has been a real team effort to get the site and logo to where it is today.

As a business we have undergone changes from top to bottom with a change of ownership meaning that Stuart Crowder now controls the company, restructuring of teams and the addition of new staff and departments such as our new customer service team. We have undergone these changes to benefit our clients and the business so that we can be forward facing and tackle the future and the incredible challenges that our industry has faced in recent times. We are now stronger than ever and we wanted a logo and website that reflected this robustness.

The website has been built sympathetically using a new colour pad for Mannson Freight. It is very easy to navigate and intuitive, we hope that you will enjoy a rich experience whilst using the site. A few key features to look out for now and in the near future as below:

·         New Colour scheme, logo and branding

·         Cargo Tracking on the main site

·         Useful news and announcements

·         MFS PRO – (More about this in our next blog)

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