December 16, 2021

Increased Origin Charges over the Festive Priod in China

We have been hearing from our sources in China that local feeder carriers are looking to increase freight costs over the festive period. Due to the upcoming Spring Festival, plus rising Covid-19 infections feeder vessel crews are looking to start their leave early as they did last year under Chinese government advice to try and slow the spread of covid due to the vast movement of people in China close to festival times. This in turn will create an increase in cost for feeder carriers who will have to charter crewed ships from other sources, as well as an increase in the costs for consolidation operators who will have to collect empty containers from different terminals which can be considerably distanced from the usual locations and further from loading ports.

Considering all of this our origin offices in China will be forced to temporarily adjust their origin charges for goods transhipping via Hong Kong.


Detailed extra charges will be as follows:


Ex Fuzhou: add USD 17 W/M

Ex Xiamen: add USD 5 W/M

Ex Pearl River Delta (Zhongshan / Jiangmen /Zhuhai / Foshan / Shunde): add USD 5 W/M


Valid duration: fm ETD origins Dec 24,2021 toETD Jan 31,2022 (Foshan to Feb 7)

Thereafter origin charges for these ports and service should return to normal.

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